my version of fallout

note: i wrote this for the halloween writing contest

In the year 2000, war was declared and millions of males and females were drafted to the US Military. It wasn't until the year 2008, the war would start. Later in 2008, the Government teamed up with Vault-Tec to build Fallout shelters for the Americans, but there was a problem. 328.2 million people lived in the USA and Vault-Tec had to build approximately 328 thousand vaults, then, the Government had the idea to build 122 Vaults so that the economy wouldn't crash. It's now 2016, Vault-Tec finally built 122 Vaults, the Government planned to bomb America in a few decades. A man named Greg Manning got exclusive access to Vault 543, but than, Vault-Tec locked Greg inside the vault so that he couldn't escape. In 2035, Greg was finally released out of Vault 543 and then locked into an Insane Asylum because he was acting crazy. It's 2050, the Government decided to finally bomb America and BOOM, the US was no more. In 2060, the Vault Dwellers finally got access to leave the Vaults and explore the Wastelands. In 2062, Vault 22 was full of mutated plants and all of the Vault Dwellers were mutated with an unknown virus known as VX (Virus X). In 2076, A super mutant infected Vault 76, so as the Overseer. In 2079, a man named Alan Tomson discovered a cure to the VX virus, it was called EX (Erasor X). In 2100, Greg Manning II was born by his mother named Jane Manning. It's 2103, Alan Tomson II rebuilt Washington D.C which took him 5 years. In 2114, Vault 0 was found underwater by Sandy Tomson, unexpectedly, Sandy was never found. In 2120, Alan Tomson died from Natural Causes. In 2146, Thomas Goodman killed everyone in Vault 123. In 2155, Greg Manning II assassinated president Donald Trump IV. In the 2160s, 3 viruses were discovered. These were: Slacg, Ov-wE and Densepdella. In 2173, the viruses became widepspread to the point where lockdown started once again until 2200.

AFTERMATH: The population of Earth has been decreased to 0